The 21-Day Jumpstart Program is designed to help you get a fresh start in your healthy living lifestyle.  This 21 day self help manual will guide you through the 21 day Jump Start program.  The program is designed to help you lose at least 21 pounds when you complete the program.  Week 1: is 7 days of "Master Cleanse"  Week 2: 7 Day Juice Fast and Week 3:  a week of Raw Food.    

21 Day Jumpstart Program

  • This 21-day Jumpstart book provides readers with a 21-day plan to lose weight through fasting, juicing and a raw food diet.  The book is interactive and contains recipes, affirmations and journal entries.  Each day includes daily checklists, affirmations, note and reflection space, an hourly day planner to help you organize by the hour, a fitness log to ensure you are staying healthy and a daily journal prompt to encourage a space for creativity in your daily life.